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Ian and Judith's Visit to Velocity Church, Hobart, Tasmania

"It was wonderful to have Ian and Judith back with us following a hiatus due the pandemic. The last few years has seen huge upheaval with people asking, 'Where to from here?'

It is clear we cannot keep doing the same thing, the same way and hope to get a different outcome.

Like many churches, we needed fresh focus, to be curious and to set our vision on doing things differently, better and more fruitfully. We were encouraged to embrace new thinking and shift from a ‘church centric’ to a ‘kingdom centric’ model.

On Sunday, Ian preached a powerful message on God’s good plans! A huge number of people responded afterwards for prayer and further ministry. I believe it was a catalyst for many!

Once again, our church loved Ian and Judith’s input, their openness and transparency and were both challenged and inspired by their message." - Senior Pastor, Richard Guy.

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