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  • Sophie Green

Ministry Trip to Graz, Austria

Taking a ministry trip with Ian is always special. The last weekend trip we took together would have been in June 2018 to Copenhagen. So, when Ian was invited to speak at the Leadership Academy in Austria, I was thrilled to be invited to join him. It had also been many years since I last saw Gianni and Angela Gaeta, lead pastors of Life Church Austria, in person so it was lovely to be reunited again.

The weekend was packed with 8 sessions that Ian taught the students on Faith and Bringing the Kingdom to Earth. But, between those sessions, we got to meet some amazing people who all had unique and faith inspiring stories of how they came to be students at the Leadership Academy. Dani & Thomas Lausegger had studied at the Leadership Academy 7 years prior, where Ian had spoken.

Now, they are leading Life Church Graz, where we had the opportunity to be a part of the Saturday gathering. They had mentioned that Ian's lectures had transformed their thinking and are helping them as pastors to the city of Graz now. On Sunday morning, Ian had the opportunity to speak at Life Church Wolfsberg. When we arrived, we were again greeted by the pastors, Sabine & Michael Unterberger, who remembered Ian speaking to them at their youth camp back in 1996 - I would have only been about 2 years old! Again, Ian's teachings had impacted them and they were thrilled to have him speak again, 27 years later. To close the weekend, Ian and I did a joint session all about business, finance and creating different forms of income. We were able to share from two different experiences lessons we have learnt and hopefully inspire the students to use their skills to make money for the kingdom.

We had a fantastic weekend together but we also met so many people, all excited to use their life to bring God's Kingdom to earth.

Written by Sophie Green, daughter of Ian Green and Founder of Wild Grace Associates

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