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Speaker, Coach, Consultant & Author

Ian has over four decades of experience in inspiring, networking and provoking individuals and organisations to think bigger. His ability to ask the difficult questions, stir vision, impart faith and create leadership development processes are the hallmarks of his coaching style.


He has proven his ability to connect resources with opportunities by developing sustainable organisations. In addition, he has travelled globally engaging communities of faith, NGO’s, organisations and businesses to become solution orientated in their areas of influence.

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Ian has been a sort after international speaker for nearly four decades in churches, conferences and leadership forums. His energy is infectious and he has the ability to engage his audience by injecting faith, humour and challenge into his communication.

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Ian has worked with businesses, churches and organisations from 100 to 2000 in size to bring clear vision, values and mission.

He has the insight to create a cultural engine that brings a shift in focus towards fulfilling the organisation’s objectives.

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Ian has a unique ability to critically analyse, ask penetrating questions that in turn release the full potential of individuals.

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Ian published his first book in 2017 after many years of writing. 
Checking into Faith is filled with real-life stories and experiences of living life by faith.

Born in Wales in 1956

Ian was born in Wales and came to faith as a teenager which irrevocably changed his perspective on life and his future. He became quickly involved in church leadership and in particular, in pastoring young people and later led the National Youth Department for the Assemblies of God in Great Britain for 10 years. He then went on to found and lead Youth Ministries International which later became Next Level International.

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Next Level International 
This ministry worked in 17 nations in Europe, with International offices in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada and the UK. Under Ian’s leadership, they planted 200 churches largely in cities with no known Christians and systematically trained 10,000 leaders seeing almost 6000 people engaged in short term mission’s outreaches across Europe. 


The Proton Foundation
In 2002, Ian felt a call to diversify and to create a brand-new approach to ministry in modern-day Europe. His innovation grew out of frustration with the fact that although NLI had seen numerous churches planted across Europe in partnership with the national church movements, only minimal levels of cultural transformation had taken place.This led to Ian setting up the Proton Foundation, a charity which continues today. The Charity started with a special focus on social action projects across Europe and has impacted numerous communities.


Global Transformation

In recent years, the Proton Foundation organically began to shift its focus to running the Flourish Project in the UK, which equips young people to develop healthy self-esteem, mental and emotional wellbeing. Ian felt like a parent watching his child mature and find their own way in the world. To help facilitate this, Ian stepped back from Proton to set up Global Transformation, (originally a project of Proton which encompasses Ian’s networking and fundraising activities,) as a separate organisation. Global Transformation’s focus is to instil Kingdom values into the church and marketplace, bringing community transformation. Bringing Heaven to Earth. Although Proton and Global Transformation are now separate organisations, they remain supporters and advocators of each others work.

Kingdomize Global

In 2017, Ian felt motivated to develop a curriculum that would assist businesses, NGO’s, Educational institutions, churches and charities to transform their communities. The objective was to create a curriculum to provide a comprehensive road map, giving people the tools they need to bring about transformation within their communities and areas of influence. Not just being a Christian, but bringing the Kingdom into every area of their lives!

To do this, Ian gathered together some long term friends, (Brian Beattie and Bruce Mann from Ontario and Bruce Freison from British Columbia) and in the final stages, two more friends joined the group, Drew Brown from Texas and David Koerts from the Netherlands. Excitingly, through the development of the curriculum the team were asked to submit a bid for funding to mentor 12 companies in the USA to become Kingdom Companies. Originally calling their group the Global Transformation Collective, they rebranded as Kingdomize Global to set up a corporation in Canada to submit this bid. The plan is to build a team of consultants and trainers in Canada, USA and Europe to mentor these companies. This will be an outworking of the curriculum, which is the bedrock for this corporation. To find out more visit

International Speaker, Mentor & Personal Consultant
Ian is both challenging and inspiring, he travels extensively around the globe regularly speaking at conferences and seminars, creating and developing networks in order to motivate others to live transformational lives. He mentors both individuals and organisations, motivating them to transform their environments according to Kingdom values . Stepping out of their comfort zones and realising their potential. 


Published Author 
‘Checking into Faith’ is a collection of experiences and biblical exposition on how faith works in the 21st Century. Ian recently published a study guide to accompany the book.

Ian Green Communications 
Ian has recorded a number of messages to help individuals equip themselves in their personal spiritual journey and also in their relational and business lives. Check out the store page on his website ( for more information. 


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