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Transformacion Generational Conference

"It was a privilege to hear Ian Green speak at our recent Advanced School of Ministry conference in Mexico. Our group of pastors and leaders were both challenged and encouraged by his messages about taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to society in ways other than traditional evangelism.

Ian spoke about the importance of being creative and innovative in our approach to sharing the good news of the Gospel, using new and fresh methods that reach people where they are. He encouraged us to look beyond our traditional way of doing Church and to think outside of the box, inspiring us to find new and effective ways to disciple cities and nations.

Ian reminded us that the Gospel message is timeless, but the way in which we share it can be constantly adapted to meet the needs and expectations of each new generation. Through his inspiring testimonies, we were reminded of the urgency of sharing the gospel with those who do not yet know the love and grace of Jesus Christ and the importance of being practical in our approach.

His messages challenged the thinking of many of our pastors and leaders, and we were all inspired to take a fresh look at how we are called to fulfil the Great Commission."

- David Lont, Executive leader, Advanced School of Ministry.

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