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What's Your Vision Statement?

19th-Century English poet, William Blake, wrote, “We become what we behold.”

So, what are you working towards? What do you represent and what do you want to achieve?


I’ve been honoured to coach and mentor a variety of individuals and organisations both in the church and business over the years. Time and time again, the importance of a vision and a mission statement is paramount for the focus and success in achieving goals.

I am currently seeing the outworking of this through my relationship with the HGMI. I have been mentoring and coaching this organisation and the CEO over the past few years and it is a privilege to work alongside this visionary organisation. Like me, their desire is to advance the Kingdom for the cause of Christ. Therefore, the primary focus has been cementing a vision and mission statement which cascades through the organisation creating a culture of discipleship.

Part of working towards these goals led to the development of the CTL Program, which I have shared so much about recently. This training program is making great strides in reaching disadvantaged communities. This is truly training disciples to train disciples, an outworking of the culture they want to create. Whilst their development is still a work in progress, they are moving forward with their vision before them.

As you look ahead to 2023, maybe it’s time to think about your vision and your mission statement!

Watch this short video where Ian discusses his recent trip with the HGMI.

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