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How to do business God’s way.

As you know, I’m part of the Kingdomize Global team and together in March we’re launching a 12 week coaching course “Kingdomize Global presents Kingdomize Your Business”

The aim of the course is to help Christian Business leaders who desire greater kingdom impact to BUILD HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND COURAGEOUS COMPANIES.

I’ve been personally coaching individuals and organisations over many years and bring this wealth of experience to the group. This is a testimonial from Renee Fox about how my coaching opened their eyes to how God could use them in the marketplace to bless their community.

Coupled with my Kingdomize colleagues' experiences, this new coaching course will elevate your business’s kingdom impact.

Each month will include weekly zoom meetings and a one on one coaching session.

MONTH 1 - Embrace a Courageous Kingdom Calling

MONTH 2 - Embody a Courageous Kingdom Lifestyle

MONTH 3 - Embark on Courageous Kingdom Impact

If you're interested and want to find out more about the coaching course please click the link below.

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