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CTL Project Testimonies

Updated: Mar 21

It’s incredible to read testimonies from the leaders who took part in the HGMI CTL Training program, here’s just a small selection. What an impact this program has had, not only on the leaders but on their communities too, truly outstanding!

Jeno Nagy

“One of the testimonies that stands out for me is the group occasion, where there were several members  of two families present who were in a feud with each  other (one family member killed the father, the head of the other family), not talking, avoiding each  other. They also sat separately and apart from each other on this occasion and the tension between them was palpable. I did not know what had happened to them but the message at the time was the importance of forgiveness. When they understood the message, the presence of the Spirit of God was felt and many began to weep. As they prayed, they fell into each other's arms and were reconciled. They were freed from anger and hatred and have been at peace and active participants in the group ever since.”

Rudolf Illef

“There is a young man who came to us from a family who did not know God. But through the little boy and his regular attendance at meetings and the continued prayers of the youth group (but above all to whom we owe it, to God), his whole family was converted to the Lord. He is a very blessed little boy who loves God very  much!

My main goal is to impart a way of thinking to these children that will be effective not only on them but also at home in their families and  communities.”

József Lakatos-Balog

“As a result of what I have learned in the CTL training, I have increased my confidence and I am  able to achieve greater spiritual results and better communicate what God has given me.

One of my testimonies is that I have been able to plant a church in a new area, based on what I have learned in the training of the CTL, and it is successfully functioning and I am the leader of it.  People have been freed from harmful addictions  such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, and sexual addiction. These are very

great experiences and testimonies for me.”

Sötét László

“As the training in the CTL continued, I received more and more guidance through training. I began to use them, and lo and behold, the need for biblical truths increased. The word about us spread in the village and the number of people attending the church started to increase. From four or five people, we now have 12- 13 adults and 6-10 children and teenagers attending. After that, 4 more home groups were started, and good results have been achieved here as well. We are currently working on starting three more house groups.”

Thank God new courses are being started where you can train disciples. I am teaching a similar course now where we train groups of 15-20 people.”

Ferenc Horvath

Through the training I’ve gained a lot of  knowledge both in the Word and in person. With many people in friendship, we can support each other in Christ's love through prayer. The pastor trusted me that I could do this training and I did. 

After the training my pastor’s now enrolled me as an assistant teacher for the next 4-year Bible school to be held in Sata. And I am also in another Bible school that I attend every 2 months for a 2 day course in Antioch Basics Bible School. I have a successful driver's license and will soon  have a car which will increase my opportunities for  ministry and helping others.”

Gustav Dano 

“There were brothers who said before the training  that they couldn't speak out loud, and that they  couldn't memorize the verses, but now they are the best by far!”

Gyorgye Sandor

“The people around me have noticed a change in me and I owe it to the training I received from the CTL. Through the training, I learned to introduce people to the Kingdom of

Sándor Balogh


“For me, all the CTL programs were very wonderful but what really got me was the way the teachers explained the scriptures and the Bible stories.” 

The aim of the training was to set up Community Transformational Groups (Church Plants) to work with the poor and marginalised people in Hungary. Each group had a Community Transformation Leader (CTL) who followed a 2 year training programme.  Alongside fieldwork, their training included Bible teaching, discipleship, evangelism and personal mentoring.

Overjoyed that a program I helped them to create has been so impactful. 

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