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Agricultural Transformation

There is an amazing organisation in Nigeria called the CSS Group, who are one of the most diversified business conglomerates in Africa. They have a reputation for excellent business practices, built on Kingdom principles.

My friend Brice Friesen visited their CSS Farms and met the Group’s Chairman, Prof John Kennedy Opara, and was truly amazed by the Kingdom culture which they have created there!


CSS farms is an agribusiness and the fastest agricultural training centre in Nigeria with over 1,000 hectares, growing a wide range of crops and livestock. Using the very latest technologies CSS have been able to grow a variety of food, completely organically in previously uncultivated ground.

On top of growing their produce, they are training and empowering the Nigerian people. Their vision is to empower young people who have lost their hope of finding employment. They train them to become excellent farmers and teach them that farmers are heroes. No one leaves the training the same, it gives them a vision for the future and adds value to their lives.

They see agriculture as the key to transforming their society, as food is always in demand and will provide employment. CSS believe if they tackle unemployment as a nation, then people will be productive and have worth. This in turn will prevent the current banditry, kidnapping and crime in Nigeria.


Prof John Kennedy Opara is the visionary leader, a modern day Joseph, who has fasted every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for more than two decades. Through God’s favour they are experiencing the blessing of God in their production levels, multitudes are being equipped in farming, many are turning to Christ and becoming disciples of the Kingdom.


Over the next 18 months CSS will train 15,000 young people in agriculture God’s way. Training them in farming, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting and leadership development.

This is a truly inspiring example of agricultural transformation and discipleship! After a long faithful process of research, planning, discussion and prayer, it will be amazing to see the curriculum finally in action!

To find out more about the CSS Group of companies please visit their website:

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