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What if Worship looked like this?

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Peter DeWit for more than 20 years. I first met him as a church planting missionary in Thailand and Asia. Ten years ago Peter and his wife, Patti, moved to Paris and now find themselves living out a different form of worship.

They believe God’s spirit is like water and always flows downward. Therefore, if we are moved by the spirit, then we will be led to the low places where people are sidelined and dismissed. So, now their neighbourhood is their pulpit and they remind people that they are seen by the father with tea, coffee, socks, shoes and even a haircut.

This is how the Lord has led them to serve in Paris. This is how they bring blessing to their world.

This is worship!

If you would like to find out more about his work and worship, he can be contacted directly by emailing


Since the February war between Russia and Ukraine, the French government has done its best to help the Ukrainian refugees in Paris. Unfortunately, with so many new refugees seeking asylum, housing for refugees has become a severe problem in Paris. Many Ukrainians and other refugees seeking asylum in France are forced to live in the streets this winter. Peter works for Serve the City Paris, a registered NGO in France, focused on helping the homeless, refugees, and underprivileged foreigners in Paris. The French government and the homeless need our help to provide these new foreigners with sleeping bags and tents to survive this cold winter. Please help us; help the homeless. Our goal is to raise €10,000 to pay for sleeping bags and tents, which we will begin to distribute immediately with our team of volunteers. As the need arises, some funds may be used to purchase warm socks, gloves and other cold-weather gear. To donate, email and share this request to help us achieve our goal. Thank you!



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