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What a Difference a Job Makes!

Era92's Elevate program in Uganda is transforming its community by providing underprivileged youth with opportunities to succeed in the digital economy. Their mission is to create 10,000 skilled jobs by 2030.

Through training in digital skills, they are breaking the cycle of poverty in the slums by providing quality training and empowering youth to become future leaders and entrepreneurs. Not only do they increase their chances of employability, income, and entrepreneurship skills, but this is also laying the foundation to create new pathways for communities and societies to develop. Their program is creating jobs and much needed opportunities, sowing seeds of hope and shedding a new light in the slums.

So far, they have created 1,800 skilled jobs. Most of these youths have been able to completely transform their lives by leveraging their skills to earn a decent living, changing their lifestyles, creating better futures and careers for themselves and their families as well. Watch the video below to see what a difference a job makes!

In the first quarter of 2023, Era92 experienced an exciting increase in the number of youths enrolled in the Elevate program. The 2023 learners were 55% female, 40% were refugees from Congo, 20% school dropouts and 15% young mothers. Of these, 19% have never been to school before.

What's more? A quick highlight of this quarter alone shows that Elevate has launched 40 careers, enrolled 450 students, added 2 new trainers, provided over 2000 meals, provided 14 loans, held 10 workshops, and formed 1 new partnership!

With the Elevate booth, they also show that it is possible to bring access to education, design, art, and technology closer to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to unlock their potential and overcome poverty.

To find out more about Era92 and their projects please visit their website.

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