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Transformation through job creation

A church in the UK that has embraced the transformation message and is making a significant impact in its community is King’s Church, Bolton led by Derek Smith.

It’s mandate is love people, be outward focussed and not church centric, Pastor the community and not just the church. Bolton is a city with a high percentage of low income families and unemployment. With this in mind King’s church has an emphasis of building businesses in order to bring transformation to the city. Job creation is seen as the responsibility of the church and not just the business community. If a person has access to a job, this will increase the ability of the family to be stable and to thrive. For many the journey to employment begins with the person having access to learning new skills. At King’s church they are committed to delivering this training. As Pastor Derek says we are committed to giving people a ‘leg up’ rather than a ‘hand out’.

One such project that is bringing long-term help and change to lives in Bolton is the Be Strong’ innovative. It has been set up to help men from additive backgrounds plus ex-offenders. The re-offending rate is extremely high in the area so the church not only houses the ex-offenders bringing a level of stability to their lives, but they are also offered skills training on budgeting and personal development. With a criminal record it is near on impossible to find a job so the ‘Be Strong’ project have a workshop where the ex-offenders are trained and employed in repairing washing machines. This opportunity greatly lifts their self esteem and gives them an opportunity to turn their lives around for the better. These guys are embraced and accepted by the church as family, something that for most of them they have never experienced before. Many of them are also finding Jesus.

If you would like to find out more about the ‘Be Strong’ project and other transformational projects at King’s church then check out their website ……..

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