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The Different Types of Favour

Updated: Jan 23

There are 4 Different kinds of favour, these could be a sermon on their


  1. Favour by Availability - favour that comes because you make yourself available to God.

  2. Favour by merit - you do things in your life, position yourself, up skill and put yourself in a place where favour can flow through you.

  3. Favour which is unmerited - this is confusing, it seems random, you haven’t been praying and fasting but favour comes to you.

  4. Favour which is uncommon - this comes from above, does not follow a process - it ignores your faults and weaknesses. Most people cannot comprehend it.

  • It is the favour that does not follow due process.

  • It is the favour that ignores your mistakes and weaknesses.

  • It is a favour that men cannot comprehend.

  • Uncommon favour is when GOD makes himself known in your situation.

  • Uncommon favour is when GOD promotes you beyond your imagination.

Paint a picture in your mind to grasp these concepts - situations you face, mountain moving opportunities, your emotions. Things that seem unchangeable, but I believe that there will be a spiritual shift in your life when favour comes, one that you have not experienced before.

We can identify God’s favour when we see three things happening…

  1. God has sovereignly, he choses a person because of His grace.

We are loved, if we can only get that. We are unconditionally loved, this is hard for us to understand as we have a good work ethic - that we only get out what we put in…. Although in one dimension this is true, we reap what you sow.

When we extrapolate that to our relationship with Jesus we end up with a works relationship with Jesus, not a love relationship. We are actually basking in his kindness, mercy and forgiveness and we had nothing to do with that. All we did was say thank you.

2. God has blessed that person in a random way.

3. God has intentions that this blessing be shared with others.


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