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Creating the Favour Flow in your Life

  1. Think about yourself how God thinks about you.

You don’t think a lot about yourself and you think that’s humility, no that's self degradation, not humility. Think about yourself as God thinks about you. You're not stuck. God has plans to bless you, to prosper you, to give you hope and plans for the future, he has plans to bless you.

I’m asking you to stop your thoughts and replace them with God’s thoughts. Romans 12:2 The renewing of our mind, part of this is seeing a faith picture. We see the future as if it already is, this is part of our faith work, to see the future as if it is. Some of us may have kids away from Jesus, we are not tolerating that, just don’t get stuck in that, get a picture of them following the Lord, being blessed by the Lord, get in your heads that end picture and start thanking God for it. It is dragging us into that reality.

Some of you have an idea for a social enterprise, but it seems impossible in these financial times, good, it’s good when it’s impossible. That’s a part of the deal that you can’t do it - it’s about you partnering with Jesus.

What does that social enterprise look like that you’ve been thinking about? Foodbank, kids club, anything, if it’s in your head it’s there, you start picturing that. You know what happens when you fix on that, do you know what happens? God starts pulling things into your life to make that a reality. Thats called the walk of faith.

Abraham left not knowing where he was going, but knowing it was a better place. God brought resources, direction into his life and that’s how he ended up where he was going. That’s how the life of faith works, we don’t get all the ducks lined up, we don’t get all the provisions in the bag before we go.

Some of us are asking Lord if you do this I’ll know it’s right, or if you do that, be careful this is not a sign of faith. No, we have the picture of what God has said and we are thanking and praising God that we are in that picture and as we work towards that picture God drags resources, relationships, people, buildings into our lives. That’s thinking about yourself the way God thinks of you.

2. Say about yourself what God Says about you.

I am more than a conqueror, if God is for me, the devil is in trouble.

I am created to succeed in what God has called me to do, don’t say to yourself - I’m hopeless, I’m useless, I can’t do this, remember that’s not humility, that is diametrically opposed to what God says about you.

You are loved, you are cared for, you are blessed, you have a future. He is with you, He will never leave you or forsake you, through the low tide, the high tide, through the fire - He’s going with you all the way. Say to yourself what God says about you!

3. Live in a way as if you're favoured.

It doesn’t have to be a reality yet, no, you begin to drag the realities as you begin to get that picture fixed in your head and the truth of God in your life.

Think and operate and work to the future that God has called you to.

Huge Obstacles that many of us face, that seem too big ever to be resolved, somehow as you’ve been reading this there is a dimension of faith and confidence that has come to you.

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