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SWAP Conference, Burnley UK, February 2019

Ian Green has been a valued friend of Pais for many years. His passion and wisdom for learning, growing and developing rival many leaders of our generation and his enthusiasm for the Kingdom of God and how we can effectively advance it together brings people out of the shadows and into the light of desiring to be all they were created to be.

As Ian shared with us at our recent Swap conference, he encouraged us to get out of our comfort zones in a way that was neither patronising nor demanding. His message communicated to us that ‘This is everyone’s problem, not just yours’, but making it clear that as Christian leaders in the Kingdom, it’s not acceptable for us to stay within the safety nets we have created for ourselves. We must push past our comfort and embrace new thinking and new ways of doing what God has put before us, so that we can be as effective for the Kingdom as possible. Ian was able to inspire us to move forward and offered practical tools to help us achieve even impossible goals.

For many leaders, it’s easy to stand on a stage and tell others what they need to do to be effective in ministry. But Ian’s experience, courage and achievements for the Kingdom preach louder than his words ever could. He speaks with understanding as one who has already been where he’s encouraging others to go, making it possible for us to follow or giving us strength to forge a new way.

Ian has been a consistent support and champion of the Pais Movement and we are honoured to have him as part of the family. His focused and patient yet passionate presence brings support, encouragement and strength to all those who know him and that’s something we love that he shares with the Church globally.        

Amanda Porter, Communications Director, Pais Movement British Isles

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