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Home Sweet Home!

Back in February 2021, when we moved into our short term miracle rental in Malvern, we didn’t envisage what God had in store for us here.

Home Sweet Home

After 9 months, we felt that this was the place we wanted to settle and buy our forever home.

Not sure if you have ever written a wish list for a home, but we did! A view was the top of the list, then a crazy one, wanting character, but a new home.

It wasn’t on the open market, but we were able to view. This in itself was a miracle! We made an offer and again surprisingly the offer was accepted and the barn never went on the open market.

As we had agreed so early in the build, we were able to make so many choices of where the walls went and what we really wanted it to look like. Judith was in her happy place, designing a home from scratch.

The build ended up taking a year longer than hoped, but it was worth the wait. It is everything and more than we put on our wish list and the view more spectacular than we could have ever dreamed. God is definitely a God of detail.

We have in our hearts for this home to be a place of refreshment for others. We have always loved to entertain, but to offer relaxing retreats is something that this home can definitely bring to the table.

Home Sweet Home! We are so extremely grateful and feel blessed every day.

Home Sweet Home

To see more of the before and after, check out our instagram page below.

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