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Heaven Breaking Through!

You may have seen on my social media that I recently had the privilege of being invited to speak in Mexico. At the Transformacion Generational Conference in Cuernavaca, which is predominantly for Mexican Pastors and leaders.

I had never spoken in Mexico before, this was new territory!

The delegates were amazing from all over Mexico, large cities and rural communities. Several networks of churches were represented, as well as independent churches. Quite a mixed bag of leaders. They had just under 600 attendees in person and around 140 online. However, this could have easily been another 600 people, as they were watching online in groups.

As I prepared for the conference, I was nervously excited and also felt a huge responsibility. This conference was significant, with many older leaders transitioning and new leaders coming up. I sensed I needed to introduce them to move from being ‘Congregational Centric to Kingdom Centric.’ I needed the Lord’s wisdom and grace to empower and inspire these leaders with a supernatural revelation, to help them build the kind of churches Jesus wanted.

I knew I needed a surge and a covering of prayer and contacted a number of my closest friends and supporters. Thank you to those of you that lifted me up. So grateful how you jumped in so quickly to agree in prayer with me. I definitely felt their effect!


I have included some of the feedback I received below, you will see that together we have been used to advance the 'Kingdom of God’.

  1. The emphasis of the conference has always been on the local church and evangelism. Numbers I spoke to after my sessions felt it was old and needed a new approach. So their hearts were definitely open.

  2. My theme over the four days and four sessions was how we ‘Bring Heaven to Earth’ and not get people to heaven. This was a major paradigm shift. I wondered after my first session how much resistance I would experience. I believe the release of prayer and angels into the atmosphere made people much more open.

  3. I received two prophetic words before I came - to ‘plant seed’ and that God will send others to water it. The second word was there will be a heavenly shift and a revelation of the Kingdom coming which would wake up the delegates.


As an affirmation of these, here are a couple of testimonies I received:

Bill Brown – the apostolic leader that started this conference 34 years ago, was watching online as he was unable to travel to the conference. I asked him what feedback he was getting and this was his response:

"Thanks for coming to be with us. You have been a blessing and a challenge to all which is great. We don’t wanna just hear what we’ve always heard. We want to hear what we can do in the future and you’ve done a good job of presenting that. The comments have been good."

A woman approached me. She’s an AT&T reseller and has a dozen stores with 200 employees. She said has always wanted to work for the church. Now she understands she can start at least 12 Ekkelessia’s in her stores.

The host pastor. Church of around 6-8000. Planted and financially supported 120 church plants in the last 30 years. I have always believed we should establish the ‘Kingdom of God’ in our cities. Now we have concrete ideas about how we can start.

Another significant pastor from Mexico City. He showed me his notes and diagrams that he sketched after I spoke about Pastoring the City. A strategic plan to bring the Kingdom to Politics, Health care and Education.

I was overwhelmed by the numbers that streamed to me after my last session. They were telling me I had explained their feelings about transforming their communities and not just having ‘meetings.’

Four of the organisers said this thinking has helped them to turn a corner for good.

It's just awesome to hear these responses and I'm excited to hear what happens next in these communities!


Outside of the conference, I also had the opportunity to speak at two other churches and at a seminar for a network of 100 pastors working under Centro Cristiano’s leadership. It was a great time of worship and ministry. Their passion for Jesus was tangible and I was able to pray with many of those I met.

I was hosted by a wonderful family, Pastor Jonas Fernandez, his wife Xenia and their children Estrella, Carlos and Esther. Their warmth and hospitality were outstanding, they also spent their time giving me a tour of their wonderful city.

My time in Mexico was unforgettable. So grateful to see God at work in his people!

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