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Finding Hope

Fundraising for the HGMI Community Transformational Leaders (CTL) Program is a huge privilege! The program is running extremely well and the stories we are hearing are inspiring!

One story we wanted to share with you is that of Jozsef Benyak, a Ukrainian refugee who has settled in Hungary. As a neighbour sharing a border with Ukraine, many refugees have travelled through or are now settling here. This has had a direct impact on the communities where the CTL’s are based and they have been working to reach out to them to give them hope and help meet their immediate needs.

Jozsef found help and hope from the Church and the CTL in this community. Ian was blessed to meet him when he visited Hungary at the end of August.

Watch this short video to hear Jozsef give thanks to God and the church who have helped him.


We are continuing to fundraise for the CTL’s to help support them through their second year of training and their fieldwork. Not only to reach the Roma people, but also the refugees in their communities. There is still time to support them.

Your support makes a huge difference. The video clip below shows 2 of the CTL’s talking about how the program is empowering them and how much they appreciate the support.

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