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Coaching Testimonial - Paul Nedoszytko

Paul Nedoszytko, the International Operations Director at Life Languages International, shares why he would endorse Ian Green as a mentor👇


"My name is Paul Nedoszytko, co-founder of the Kairos Leadership Academy and the international operations director with life languages international.

This short video is to tell you a little bit about a good friend of mine, Ian Green, and why I endorse him and recommend him to you. I’ve known Ian for many, many years and over that period of time I’ve found his friendships, his insights and his good questioning by the way, to be invaluable in helping me make decisions, come to the right conclusions.

He is, without doubt, a very skilful, caring and loving man, with the experience of a ninja coach. I can highly recommend him and endorse him to you. Go ahead, spend some time with him and you’ll discover the gem that is Ian Green."


Watch Paul's Coaching Testimonial below:

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