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Virtual Speaking @ The Leadership Academy, Austria

In November 2020 Ian taught 3 Sessions, this time over Zoom, to our LIFE & LEADERSHIP Academy Students. The Academy focuses on the development of personality, gifts and leadership abilities. Most of our students are leaders and upcoming leaders in our local churches, but they are also leaders in our society – the marketplace, education sector, future politicians and artists.

Our students love Ian and the input he brings. Ian lives what he speaks and teaches out of an experience filled life. He challenges us to live big and live generous. His apostolic gifting inspires us to go out into the world and bring change into every sphere of society.

Topics Ian has taught on recently:

  1. Living a Life of Integrity

  2. Leaders are Learners

  3. Budgeting

  4. Living Generously

  5. Finances / Q&A

  6. Raising Personal Support

Esther Baniahmad Executive Assistant for Gianni & Angela Gaeta Life Church, Austria

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