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TV Project 2019 Update

We continue to move things forward. We had a set back a few months when ago the original Romanian TV company who was that were going to be our principal partner informed me they were unable to contribute at the level they had hoped too. This has led me to look for new partners.

I have appointed an Executive Producer for the project and we meet on a regular basis to plan the series.

In October I met with Trinity Broadcasting Network, HQ, in the USA, they also have a base in London UK. Having met with CEO, Richard Flemming, they are very interested in partnering with us. We know their studio can be made available for editing as well as their staff to give us guidance. We are exploring in what other ways they could see us execute this project in a powerful way.

While in Canada, I met Robert Melnichuk who is the Western Canada Director for Yes TV. He gave some great guidance and wants to recommend the project to Crossroads TV, Canada’s premier Christian channel.

We are very encouraged by the initial response. Your prayer is vital for us as we move forward with the production into the New Year. Thank you for supporting us.

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