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Transformational Change

Let me introduce you to Brian Burton from Phuket, he led a mega church, but when half the church left he was left disillusioned. His friend gave him this book: Ed Silvoso’s ‘Five Pivotal Paradigms for Community or Kingdom Transformation.’ and a ticket to go to an Ed Silvoso conference.

These are the five pivotal paradigms;

  • Paradigm 1: Is about discipling nations, not just people.

  • Paradigm 2: The marketplace (the heart of the nation) has already been redeemed by Jesus, but now needs to be reclaimed by the church.

  • Paradigm 3: Labour is worship and every believer is a minister.

  • Paradigm 4: We are called to take the kingdom of God, where the kingdom of darkness is.

  • Paradigm 5: Nation Transformation must be tangible and the premier social indicator is the elimination of systemic poverty.

Brian was impacted greatly and began to teach these principles to his church. Following the Tsunami in Phuket, doors of opportunity opened for the church to be a blessing to the people of Phuket and put these ideas into practise. As a result he was able to take the church from ministering to just a few people to being a church that now pastors the city and has influence at its highest level. God was raising up pulpit and market place ministers to minister in every section of society.

They had slow growth until they introduced these transformational teachings. They even moved their church into a nightclub.

Teaching the 5 paradigms from Ed's book, Brian became not just a pastor on a Sunday, but a pastor of his street, his village and his city.

We are all full time ministers. We all have God’s call on our lives. We are all agents of change and marketplace ministers - bringing change into our workplaces and communities.

Let’s take the presence of God into our workplace, business and community, we disciple nations outside of the church building, this is the great commission in action!


You can download this USB Series by clicking the link below.

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