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The Rise and Fall of Movements

A ministry is what you can do with the help of others. A movement is what God can do when you let go of control and multiply disciples and churches.

Drawing on the life and ministry of Jesus, and with reflections on past and present movements, Steve Addison provides a roadmap for leaders who want to multiply disciples and churches to the ends of the earth.

Whether pioneering on the edge, riding a wave of expansion, or stuck in suffocating decline, The Rise and Fall of Movements addresses each phase in the movement lifecycle, helping leaders identify their stage and align themselves with God’s purposes.

We have the ‘State Church’, ‘Denominations’, ‘Networks’. The early church worked with momentum and movements. For the Great Commission to be fulfilled there multiple movements to instigated and released globally. No one movement will do it. Its not brand we need, it movements. Steve Addison has some very unique insights in the strart and development of movements and even tracking where you are in the process. A tremendously inspiring and helpful read. ~ Ian Green

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