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The Grand Design: God’s Ultimate Purpose for Africa

The Grand Design: God’s Ultimate Purpose for Africa

In this revealing book, Prof. Vincent Anigbogu makes an attempt at enlightening the reader on God’s expectations for Africa at this critical time in history both at individual and collective levels. The author lays bare important historical events while also unravelling truths of the Bible in a way that is engaging and effective enough to drive home their central message: that God has a special purpose for Africa and the Church has a vital role in fulfilling that purpose. This book will educate, challenge and inspire you. It is a book for those who want to make a difference using God’s divine grace and His word. It calls every Christian and the Body of Christ to a place of responsibility and reminds each of the need to adopt a Kingdom mindset. Considering its life-transforming message and the calling of its author, this is a must-read book.

The subtitle is a little misleading.  Although there are some specific applications to Africa that is is explored the principal are clear for every culture. Such subjects like “Power of Organised Righteousness”. Building an Army. This has some profound thinking and incredibly helpful. ~ Ian Green

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