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Talmidim: How to Disciple Anyone in Anything

Talmidim: How to Disciple Anyone in Anything

Jesus not only commanded discipleship, but He also modelled it for us. Why then do so many struggles to disciple others effectively? Is it because we ourselves have never been properly disciples?

Talmidim: How to Disciple Anyone in Anything offers a fresh approach to discipleship. Leading an organization that disciples thousands of people each year, author Paul Clayton Gibbs helps us fundamentally rethink the process of discipleship with a fresh understanding of what Jesus really had in mind. By researching and applying the ancient methods of discipleship, Gibbs provides a simple four-step template that will equip you to disciple anyone in anything!

Also serving as a companion guide to the popular Discipleship Masterclass (, Talmidim provides a practical way to make discipleship a part of the culture of your church or organization. Jesus does not simply want His followers to know what He knows, but He wants us to reproduce in others who He is. That requires discipleship. The kind that makes disciples who make disciples. Or, as the ancient Hebrews once referred to them . . . Talmidim.

Best book I have read in 40 years on how to practically disciple anyone. Foundational if you want to carry out Matthew 28:19-20. ~ Ian Green

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