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Sabaoth Church, Italy

Sabaoth Church a non profit association and a network of churches working with other organisations to provide humanitarian aid to the Refugees who have left Ukraine and those who are still in the Ukraine.

Since the war started, their activities have included:

  • Renting buses from Ukraine to Italy to bring as many refugees as possible to safety.

  • Welcoming each person into a facility before helping them join their friends or family here in Italy.

  • Creating a network to take in refugees who have no connections in our country.

  • Sending basic needs, resources to the Ukrainian border, especially medicine, water, food, and childcare.

  • Hosting women and children in need in Italy, often saving them from harmful situations, giving them a new future.


Highlighting some of the successes during the second round of funding:

Paying the rent and bills for 12 families in Italy.

One example is they were able to help a woman who is about to give birth, together with her husband and other son, they were able to rent an apartment and thanks to financial help they are finally living peacefully after months of absolute housing uncertainty. In this way, she will be able to end the pregnancy safely. We have also managed to provide for her all the necessary items for the newborn (cradle, stroller, changing table, diapers, clothes, etc).

Starting Italian Zoom lessons to teach them Italian.

During the Italian lessons the Italian teacher was able to talk to a woman about God by sharing a Christian song in Italian. This song moved her and she told her about the relationship she has with God and how much He wants to be close to her.

Distributed 250 food packages to people inside Ukraine.

These are some pictures of some of the families they have been able to help.

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