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Restoring Dignity

Dignity is a word that we all understand and believe that as God’s children we all deserve to be treated with dignity, and in turn should treat people that we meet with the same. This is a value that we try to uphold with the people we minister to in Romania. 

A few years ago we were challenged that the women in Lazareni, a community in Northern Romania, were suffering in a way that robbed them of their dignity. This is an area with a high Roma Community. Due to their lack of resources, they were unable to afford sanitary products each month. This should not happen in our day and age and in an EU country. The Proton Foundation was challenged to provide the products that these women so desperately needed and in turn restore back their dignity. Please watch the video, be inspired and realise that we can make a difference in another person’s life by meeting their felt need. If you would like to donate to the project then please use the link below.

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