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Re-Think It

Unlearning how we think, to reach a changing world that's thinking less about church.


Paul Bartlett’s new book, Re-think It, will challenge your most cherished assumptions about church. You’ll emerge on the other side with a more optimistic view of church in communities that is better for our faith, our churches and our communities.

Re-Think It Paul Bartlett Book Cover

This book is about Unlearning how we think, to reach a changing world that’s thinking less about church and letting God transform your thinking - by discovering how your culture has infiltrated your it, dealing with it, bringing it into the light, removing it and relearning according to God’s word.

Paul’s book will encourage, equip and inspire you to embark on a challenging but rewarding personal journey that will also bring lasting change to those around you!

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Paul personally for a number of years and was asked to write an endorsement for this book, this is what I wrote:

"The books you read, and the friends you have, give a good indication of where you are heading. We are living in days of tumultuous change. To stay with our same process and practices will find us naked and not knowing it. This brilliant book opens up the doors of our mind to consider that things may not be as they seem. The impact that we are longing to have may not be possible with the practices and processes we used ten years ago. We all have to return to becoming “Life-Long Learners”. This is not an easy journey, but it is one we must all make. Paul Bartlett provides the compass for the journey. The future begins now."

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