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Launching Small Businesses in Uganda

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Launching Small Businesses in Uganda

Ian and Global Transformation recently had the privilege of donating £500 to a wonderful project run by 92hands in Uganda, who are helping single women restart the businesses they lost due to COVID-19. 

Be inspired by their story.


92hands set up the revolving fund on the 11th October 2020, as part of their work to end extreme poverty in the slums of Kosovo and Katanga. 92hands identified that many single women had lost their businesses due to COVID-19 as they had to use all their resources to feed their families instead. Therefore to help these single women, who had no other means of support, they set up a revolving fund to provide business loans for them. The great thing about this project is that as the women pay back their loans, this then makes the money available for other women to borrow and restart their businesses.

How does the fund work?

They initially selected 60 women in their community that were financially struggling to see their businesses rise again. These women were then put through a 2-week course that would prepare them for the changing business landscape and were taught a range of topics including business management, financial literacy, recordkeeping, pricing, and marketing. Then if they agreed they would receive a loan to restart their business. They are then put on a loan repayment plan on a monthly or weekly basis depending on the nature of their business. Their loans officer and community coordinators reach out to women every Monday to make sure their books balance and to learn of any challenges that could be preventing them from growing their businesses.

Here is an example of two of the women who have received a loan:

Meet Ziporah (bottom right corner)

Zipporah is a 47-year-old widowed single mother living a HIV+ life and staying in the slums of Kosovo together with her three children and granddaughter. Today, because of your donation, she is one of the most versatile tailors in the community, making trendy designed women’s clothes in Ankara styles.

Meet Pauline (bottom left corner)

Pauline had just received a one-year job contract to make school uniforms and sweaters for a nearby local school when Covid19 hit. She was relieved to receive her $100 loan that could help her recover her business and give her a starting point.


Ian and Global Transformation’s gift impacted 6 women’s lives and set them on a sustainable path out of poverty. 6 women received loans, which means 6 businesses have been brought back to life. Giving them hope and their children a better chance of quality education and quality jobs for the future.

There are many more single mothers who need the assistance of 92hands to escape poverty. If you would like to donate directly to this fantastic project please visit their website.

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