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Kingdom-Minded Business

We just completed a ministry weekend with Ian Green that catalysed conversation around new ideas, both for our church as we adopt a strategies to engage our neighbourhood and city, and individually, as we as business leaders contemplate ideas to bring the Kingdom of God to our work environments.

Saturday, we gathered for breakfast, after which Ian shared two forty-five minute plenaries, on the abundance of God and how we are created for more—how each of us has a Kingdom purpose in where we find ourselves geographically and spiritually. Ian challenged us to believe God for more creative ideas, financial, and discipleship ideas in the community, as well as seeking God for more sources of increased blessing and revenue, to further God’s priorities in the expansion of his Kingdom here in Toronto. Sunday, Ian spoke an inspiring message to our entire church about becoming Kingdom focused rather than church focused, until the Kingdom of God influences every circle in which we move.

We were blessed to invite four of our church planting pastors who had begun churches in the past five years partnering with WillowdalePC to come with their leadership teams to the breakfast seminar but also to a more intimate supper with Ian for dialogue and Q & A. This was especially meaningful.

The following are actual texts sent to us following these sessions by these excited young leaders:

Great event today—thanks for inviting us!!!! Our guys were inspired’  Pastor Ted

 ‘This event might have cost us around 6 million $$$$!! Haha. My team is now so inspired. Now they want to build a building that pays for itself.’ Pastor Rob

 ‘Hello. Thank you so much for this morning. My brain is spinning with thoughts and ideas and promptings. Let’s set up a time to meet soon and have a coffee to discuss. Thanks again for blessing us today.’ Pastor Otello

 ‘I already have a business idea for our church and for us personally, to get a third stream of income going, for us personally and for the church.’ Pastor William

 Submitted by Blake Davidson WillowdalePC, Toronto      

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