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Introducing Kingdomize Global

Have you ever wondered how your business can truly bring the Kingdom into your community?

Kingdomize Global, a new organisation launching this month, can guide you!


Here's the brief history of how it started.

Back in November 2017, Ian felt motivated to develop a curriculum that would assist businesses, NGO’s, Educational institutions, churches and charities to transform their communities.

The objective was to create a curriculum that would provide a comprehensive road map, giving people access to the tools they need to bring about transformation within their communities and areas of influence. Not just being a Christian, but bringing the Kingdom into every area of their lives.

To do this, Ian gathered together some long term friends, (Brian Beattie and Bruce Mann from Ontario and Bruce Freison from British Columbia). All of whom are passionate about transforming communities with Kingdom principles. Due to the distance, they collaborated virtually and occasionally in person. Obviously, due to Covid, working virtually actually worked to their advantage and gave them the chance to meet weekly to push the project forward. In the final stages of completing the curriculum, two more friends joined the group in the past 2 years. Drew Brown from Texas and David Koerts from the Netherlands.


Excitingly, through their development of the curriculum the project took an unexpected turn. Ian and the team were asked to submit a bid for funding to mentor 12 companies in the USA to become Kingdom Companies. They were already calling their group the Global Transformation Collective, but to create this bid they decided to set up a corporation in Canada and build a team of prospective consultants and trainers in Canada, USA and Europe to mentor these companies. This would be an outworking of the curriculum, which is the bedrock for this corporation.

In December 2021, they were finally able to meet in person again and spent 4 days in Canada (only David had to join via zoom). There is nothing like meeting in person, brainstorming, planning and praying together. It was during this time they decided to rebrand as Kingdomize Global and refine the services they will be offering to consultancy, coaching and mentoring of businesses, transforming them into Kingdom businesses.


Their long term business model is to train consultants to deliver what they have created. However whilst they are establishing themselves the executive team will be delivering the training in their areas of expertise. They have already gained two clients and the team will start working with them in the first quarter of 2022.

After a long faithful process of research, planning, discussion and prayer, it will be amazing to see the curriculum finally in action!


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