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Influence Your Community's Future

As we step into this new year I want to inspire you to think bigger and to consider what impact your church or your business is having on your community and even, how these two areas combined can influence your community's future!

I came across a brilliant example of this on the Kingdom at Work website. They had shared a variety of inspirational stories as part of their purpose to reveal God and His Kingdom through their work in the marketplace.

The short film I want to share with you tells the story of Towy Community Church (in my Welsh homeland!) .When they started looking for a new building, God placed a cheese factory and a very different opportunity in their path. Watch this film to see how a bowling alley changed the community of Carmarthen, Wales.


Xcel Bowling Alley is part of the wider Xcel Centre project run by Towy Community Church which includes a Community Shop, Food Bank, a Money Advice Centre and Furniture Recycling. The Centre has been running for eight years and works within the community to support those in need and provides many opportunities for employment and work experience.

This is part of their vision as a project. They strive to create jobs for the community and be a part of what makes Carmarthenshire thrive. For more information about Towy Church’s project, visit their website.

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