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Imaginal Transforming Business in Brazil

Imaginal Transforming Business in Brazil

We stepped out in faith and began sharing our transformational vision.


Imaginal Education launched its global mission in July 2012 at the West African Transformation Conference in Lagos, Nigeria. Although many of the tools and systems for transforming education were in the early stage development and were not ready for prime time, we stepped out in faith and began sharing our transformational vision.

In May 2013, while speaking to Christian educators in Nigeria, the Lord spoke to Tom that now was time to write your book. Upon his return to Canada, Tom received the following prophetic word via email from a trusted prophetic voice.

“You, Tom, have a book to write. You were just needing the final chapters. They are being written right before your eyes. Write the journey, all of it Tom, it is the story of your journey that will cause a crescendo of faith to rush over so many who have developed lethargy in their hearts.”– May 24, 2013


Imaginal Leaders

The miracle of metamorphosis; where a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly; is found within special imaginal cells. Imaginal cells have both the vision of becoming a butterfly as well as the ability to execute this amazing transformation. Imaginal leaders have the ability to see beyond what most think is possible and are able to do the impossible. – Tom Rudmik


After hearing Tom’s vision for education, Jorge and a team of 7 people came to visit Master’s Academy and College in March 2014 to see with their own eyes if what they heard in Denver was true; they came to spy out the land. They went back to Brazil with a “good report”.

In May of 2014, Tom and Andy Rudmik visited Pompeia, Brazil to explore possibilities; was the “soil” ready to receive the seeds of Profound Learning? During our first visit to Brazil, it was abundantly clear that we were forging one of the most significant partnerships in the early stage of our global launch. The Nishimura family had built an international agri-business, the Jacto Group, specialising in small and large farm sprayer technologies as well as inventing and manufacturing the world first coffee harvester. In January 2015, a prototype high school was launched in the city of Pompeia in partnership with a SENAI, a national education group. The school has been a tremendous success.

Jacto Imaginal Workshop – Unleashing the Innovative Spirit – May 2016


Early in 2015, Tom approached Jorge Nishimura, the chair of the Jacto Group, that Imaginal Education possessed a deep understanding of processes around innovation and invention. The offer to conduct an initial Imaginal workshop with the family was accepted. After a successful first Imaginal Workshop in May 2015, Imaginal Education began to work with many of the leaders from the Jacto Group and over the past years has conducted 10 Imaginal Leaders workshops with various leaders and business units at Jacto. During this time, Imaginal Education and a business unit of the Jacto Group were able to co-develop a prototype Innovation Platform. Since 2015, The Nishimura Foundation has become a significant investor in the R&D development of the Imaginal Education’s technology platform that is vital for the transformation of education and beyond.

In May of 2016, Imaginal Education began training teachers from Colégio Shunji Nishimura (CSN) in the philosophy and practices of Profound Learning. CSN established in the late 1980s was a private school run by the Nishimura Foundation in Pompeia. After two years of integrating Profound Learning into CSN, the Nishimura family decided that they needed to build a brand new school that would become the prototype school of Profound Learning for the country of Brazil. The Nishimura family has a Big WHY, to make a difference in their country in all seven spheres (Lorne Cunningham) of culture starting with education. The new school was dedicated to the Lord in November 2018 and opened for students in January 2019.

The new Colégio Shunji Nishimura under construction – September 2018



Team members from Imaginal Education have travelled to Brazil close to 20 times and Brazil has become a showcase of educational transformation for Imaginal Education. As a result of IE’s partnership in Brazil, IE is now able to offer its core partners, those who have chosen to partner and invest in IE’s R&D initiatives, a solution set that includes the following:

• A transformational learning model for both schools and businesses. • Processes for transforming schools and enterprises into Imaginal Organisations. • A technology platform that supports learning and innovation processes. • An advanced knowledge capture, creation, dissemination, and transfer capability used in our think tank projects. • Imaginal Transformation Centre become the physical hub for human collaboration and Imaginal Thinking processes for seeing and creating the future.


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