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HGMI CTL Project Update

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

In August, Ian had the privilege of visiting the HGMI in Hungary in person again, meetings had been over zoom for the past 2 years due to covid. He was finally able to meet with some of the Community Transformation leaders (CTL’s) on the HGMI 2-year training program which he helped to create and is currently fundraising for.

After spending some time mentoring with the HGMI CEO personally and in organisational development, Ian was able to spend time with the CTL’s and visited some of the poverty stricken areas where they work. He heard amazing testimonies about the impact the program is having with addicts delivered, converts to Christ and over 50 people baptised in recent months.


The video below shows a short interview with 2 of the CTL’s, detailing the difference the program makes to their lives and their ability to share the gospel. They also mention their gratitude for the financial support which we were able to send to 12 of the CTL’s to support them through their first year of training.


There are 28 CTL’s, all Roma leaders who are receiving training once a month in teaching, discipleship and evangelism, as well as personal mentoring. They put this knowledge into practice in their home outreaches, youth groups and outreach programs in their community.

Now in their second year of training we have full year sponsorships for 9 CTL’s but we are still looking for additional support to transform lives and communities in Hungary.


Click the link below to find out more about sponsoring a CTL.

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