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Haverim: How to Study Anything with Anyone

Haverim: How to Study Anything with Anyone

Jesus said that the Bible contains new treasure as well as old. Why then do so few Christians study it? Is it too difficult to understand or is the issue in the way it is taught? Does the Bible have a middle-management problem? This updated edition of Haverim: How to Study Anything with Anyone offers a fresh approach to Bible study. It fulfils the needs of a society who want to pull information rather than have it pushed upon them. By researching the rabbinic method of education, author Paul Clayton Gibbs created a four-step method that equips you to study anything with anyone! You will learn how to explore the many facets of Scripture with those of no faith, little faith, or even another faith. Also serving as a companion guide to the popular Study Masterclass (, Haverim provides a practical way to create home groups that are inclusive rather than exclusive. It is a tool for friends who want to study together in order to know God and make Him known. Or, as the ancient Hebrews once referred to them . . . Haverim.

A total fresh approach to bible study.  If discipled people disciple nations. What is the ingredients they need for that process? This Hebrew style of biblical study opens up a whole new world for those hungary for Truth. ~ Ian Green

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