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Get Innovative or Get Dead!

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Imaginal leaders have the ability to see beyond what most think is possible and are able to do the impossible.


Our world today has been profoundly shaped by Imaginal Leaders who saw a different future, the likes of Steve Jobs, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Karl Benz, Yoweri Museveni, Marie Curie, Martin Luther King Jr., Albert Einstein, and Oprah Winfrey. These leaders were willing to step out of their comfort zones and create obsolescence in their world. Imaginal Leaders have created all new innovations and advancements. Imaginal Leaders transform our world with their compelling vision and drive to see their vision realised.


Imaginal Leaders

The miracle of metamorphosis; where a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly; is found within special imaginal cells . Imaginal cells have both the vision of becoming a butterfly as well as the ability to execute this amazing transformation. Imaginal leaders have the ability to see beyond what most think is possible and are able to do the impossible.

In 2013, God spoke to Tom Rudmik to write a book about Becoming Imaginal, a Seer and Creator of the Future. Our ability to become Imaginal is based on a simple truth that we are created in the image of God, who is Imaginal. All creators can see the future and create what they see; Imaginal Leaders do so in ways that transform our world. Tom believes that the Imaginal Leader is a latent ability God has given all of us and has been shut down by our industrial age educational system that demands conformity and compliance. 

Tom and his team have developed Imaginal Transformation Workshop (ITW) for leaders – who have the passion, courage and vision to engage in the process of seeing and creating the future for their organisation. Imaginal leaders are not only dissatisfied with the current system; they have a deep desire to create something much better, a breakthrough model for their industry. Imaginal leaders are innovators and early adopters; they are not looking for best practices; they are the ones who create them.


Imaginal leaders understand that in today’s hyper-competitive world an organisation needs to out-innovate its competition by “creating obsolescence”. Obsolescence is created by Imaginal leaders who are able to innovate new products, services or business models that disrupt their industry. Obsolescence occurs in every industry; it’s a given, the question is who will create obsolescence for your organisation, will you create your own obsolescence or will someone create it for you. You have two choices, “get innovative or get dead”!

Most successful businesses have developed a fine-tuned business “Performance Engine” that drives profitability by providing consistent high value to its customers. In today’s rapid changing world an organisation’s ability to innovate its future is the most important core competency for success, but can not be achieved by improving efficiency within the business “Performance Engine” alone. In a global CEO survey by IBM, 65% indicated that they feared a change in their competitive landscape by a competitor that would threaten their future business. To be a leader in an industry sector, an organisation needs to become an Imaginal Organisation by developing its “Innovation Engine” that will continuously create obsolescence, first internally for the organisation and secondly for the industry itself.


Over the past 15 years, Imaginal Education has developed processes which enable organisations to engage with the complexity of their system and to design powerful solutions that begin to close the gap between their preferred future or vision, and their current reality. We are working with medium to large companies, national banks, major institutions and national governments around the world in helping them to become Imaginal Organisations. All of these business partnerships are aligned to support our vision for transforming education around the world.

Imaginal Education Ecosystem of Solutions for its Core Business Partners

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