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Era 92 - Inspiring Social Enterprises

Updated: May 31, 2022

We have the privilege of partnering and advocating for Era 92. An incredible organisation who have created an Ecosystem of social enterprises. All with the same purpose to impact the local community - Kosovo, Uganda.

When talking about the people of Kosovo, Trinity the founder of Era92 has said , "Brilliance is equally distributed but opportunity is not." This statement is so true all over the world, but this is how they are tackling the issue in their community.

Era 92 gives the people of Kosovo the opportunity to develop beyond their circumstances, changing their futures and creating a lasting legacy of change.


Here are some of their new enterprises:

  • A Community Cafe - Located in a refurbished shipping container, providing a meeting place in the heart of the community whilst also providing employment. It will train local women in catering and bakery and the profits from this venture will be reinvested into their Elevate program.

  • Car Wash - Employs young people from the Kosovo slums, many of whom had been affected by homelessness and drugs. On top of their employment they also receive training from the Elevate program.

  • The Elevate program - This is for young men and women and equips them with the skills and learning attitudes needed to thrive in a constantly and rapidly changing job market. These young people are empowered and educated, not only creating good employees but raising entrepreneurs.

  • Era 92 Safari Tours - One of their new initiatives is to help tourists invest in the beautiful country they have come to visit. The profits made by the safari tours are donated to sustainable projects in the area. It is the tourists choice which project they would like the profit from their tour to support. This is using the tourism industry to play a part in community transformation. Not only that, they also train young people from the slums to be the tour guides.

  • Us for Women - Training women from the Kosovo slums to develop different skills, like hair styling. Allowing them to set up small businesses to support their families.

  • Young Mula - Young people are unable to loan money from banks to set up new businesses. This social enterprise gives access to capital. Young people who have come through the Elevate training and want to set up their own businesses - this enterprise will buy them the equipment they need to do this. They do not loan them cash - but the things they need to start their business.


This is only a snapshot of the inspiring work of Era 92. By emphasising the importance of education and changing mindsets, they are leaving long term solutions to poverty in their community.

Here you can watch a tour of the Era92 Social Enterprises:

To find out more about these projects and their other enterprises, please visit their website.

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