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Developing Nations!

In our world, we tend to put countries into two categories: developed, and developing. But what does developing mean? And what direction are they developing in?

Take Uganda, a country in central Africa that I have had the opportunity to visit 3 times in the past year; it has experienced lots of challenges and is still a ‘developing’ country. But it has experienced lots of successes as well.

For instance, it has a huge Christian population, has a church on every corner, and has many Christians in government.

But this has not translated to development. It hasn’t led to a TANGIBLE benefit to the country. There is still corruption, injustice, and despair.

So why is there a disconnect between becoming a Christian nation and becoming a developed nation?

From my observations and dialogue with experts in the nation, I believe it’s due to the implementation of Biblical principles. It’s one thing to ‘save someone’s soul’ so that they get into heaven and it’s quite another thing to follow Jesus’ command to build the kingdom, to bring heaven here.

The Bible has a lot to say about building a nation; about economics, politics, agriculture, medicine and farming. In Deuteronomy, Moses gives instructions on building a nation according to God’s wisdom. And the Jews have benefitted ever since.

What I am beginning to understand is that the leaders of a nation need coaching in order to lead their people towards transformation based on God’s word. Not just personal transformation, but communal, political, economic transformation which outworks itself in better roads, better business practices and better principles of government.

Partnering with other organisations I have had the opportunity to be introduced to influential leaders both within the church and within society. There is a growing hunger to see transformation come to their nation. I am excited and humbled that God would give me such an open door to help disciple a nation, thus fulfilling the Great Commission to not only disciple individuals but the whole nation.

Would you like to partner with me in this vision?

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