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Community House Network - Star Service Points

A brilliantly basic programme designed by the HGMI to help the socially disadvantaged in a wholistic way.

It’s having a fantastic impact on communities and following its success, they are working to multiply them! 

Currently, they have Star Service Points in Békés and Nyírvasvári, but are working hard to provide this basic service in at least twenty locations in Hungary, pointing to Christ and building the Kingdom of God.On a daily basis, they see and experience that for disadvantaged families, the cost of utilities and internet use is often unaffordable. Creating serious barriers to living a simple daily life. Because of this, they’ve seen a deterioration in the quality of life, a lack of prospects and a fading will to survive. Many families have had their access to public utilities cut off years ago because of their debts, or in many segregated areas, these basic services have never been provided at all. The physical and mental health of these people is in immediate danger due to the lack of facilities for cleaning themselves, washing their clothes, and the lack of healthy food and cooked meals.

The Star Service Point programme aims to fill this gap, reducing the risk of disease by providing free bathing and sanitation facilities. They also aim to reduce other risk factors by allowing them to use their washing machines, gas cookers, computers and internet access.

These community centres provide not only physical infrastructure but also social and mental connections. While a family's clothes are being cleaned, the staff work with parents and children, providing them with personalised support. In such an integrated community space, children can do their schoolwork, improve their skills and increase their capabilities under supervision, while adults can get help with writing their CVs and job searches.


At the Star Service Point, another core objective is to help people living in segregated areas to enjoy a full quality of life. Our aim is to develop the moral, emotional and social skills of the participants, to strengthen their social relationships and to support their active involvement in community life.

They wholeheartedly believe in this mission and do their utmost to ensure that the Star Service Point is not just a place, but a chance, a new beginning for those living on the margins of society.

To help or to find out more, please visit their website

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