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Challenging Reformational Thinking

Most of the thinking in the church is geared around reformational thinking - that it’s all about the gathering. The majority of most pastors; efforts goes into making the Sunday service good - but is there anything wrong with this picture?

No condemnation, we are a product of our reformational thinking, these ideas include:

1. The gathering = the local Church.

2. Clergy versus laity. (That only those paid are in full time ministry).

3. A majority of local Church resources go to the believer, not to the lost.

4. The gifts of the local church to build the local church verses to reach the local community.

We think if we have good services we will win the community to Jesus, but is it working?

I would suggest it’s not working. Good services make Christians feel good, but does that always translate to goodness coming out of the Christian when they leave the building?

One church planting organisation I know of even has a tactic to avoid reformational thinking. When they reach 150 people in the church and they have enough funds to employ a pastor, they do, but only for 2 days a week. This is because when a full-time leader is employed, the rest of the church relaxes and it slows growth!

Too often the majority of local church resources don’t go to the mission of the church but the maintenance of the church - is there something wrong with that?

Anybody interested in changing that?


You can download this USB Series by clicking the link below.

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