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A memorable visit in Vancouver!

I have had the privilege of knowing Ian Green for many years. Not long after I began Pastoring Delta Church, Ian was coming through and we met and agreed to host him to preach for one of our Sunday meetings of the Church. Many people came away from that meeting with a deep awareness of what is possible. Ian had a challenging message for the congregation at that time. Out of his ministry at that time, monthly financial support from Delta Church for the ministry Ian was involved in went on for a period of time.

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Fast forward some years and we hosted Ian for a weekend of ministry in October 2019. On Friday night we had our Church staff, Board members, and their spouses together with Ian. On Saturday morning we opened up to whomever wanted to come and about 1/4 of our congregation was there on a Saturday morning! During his time with us, Ian met some who remembered his last ministry among us and reminded him of things he said at that time. This is over a decade later! God’s message through Ian was that memorable! Ian shared on Sunday morning for the whole congregation that gathered and was anointed and encouraging.

Ian has a passion for transformation. This is not just transformation of the Church, but the whole community. He brings a challenging word, but it is a necessary and encouraging word. He is also great at making connections between leaders and ministries to encourage them on to good things. I recommend Ian without hesitation.

Dr. Jeff Beck

Delta Church, Vancouver

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