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In February 2018, Ian felt God was calling him to raise up 10,000 city transformers, but he wondered how to do this?  After an inspirational meeting with AlphaOmega TV in Romania the idea grew that part of this vision can be fulfilled through creating a documentary series about what the Lord is doing in Cities, Businesses and social Enterprises. Highlighting how the Kingdom of God is materially affecting society and inspiring others to do the same. This is extremely exciting!  Ian is convinced it can be a means of inspiration to believers, businessmen, church and community leaders. 

Having travelled extensively over the past 20 years, Ian has met some remarkable organisations and individuals who are bringing heaven to earth through their activities. This documentary series, provisionally entitled Bringing Heaven to Earth will tell their stories. A pilot program is currently in production and Ian is networking with Christian TV stations to create these documentaries. 

Darias Cornean

Producer from Film Factory

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