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How could Mentoring affect your Kingdom impact?

Last month Judith and I had the privilege of spending a wonderful 24 hours mentoring and coaching Wayne and Gwenda Simmonds - Directors of Transformation Bible School in Denmark.

This time together was part of a 4 year ongoing process of mentoring them personally and in the development of the Bible School. The sessions usually take place via zoom, but this time Wayne & Gwenda came to our new home in Malvern and we were able to have real quality and strategic time with them. We covered the subject of Multiplying not Managing.

I’m blessed to be able to speak into their lives. They are making amazing progress and the Bible School is flourishing!

In Wayne's words, this has been the impact of my mentoring...

"There are several ways we have benefitted from Ian’s Mentoring and Coaching. He has been a personal mentor and coach of myself and the Transformation Bible School for the past 4 years. God brought us back together at the beginning of 2018 when I was brooding over a new call and concept of Bible school which my wife Gwenda and I were processing. He has helped us shape and mould the organisation behind the scenes which would have taken us years to understand yet alone accomplish. Since Ian’s involvement I can list the following results.

1) The coaching and mentoring has been an incredible help to Gwenda and I personally in recovering from a difficult church situation. This has helped us to understand the transition God was taking us through. The advice and insight helped accelerate the healing process, and together with his real accountability sessions, saved us a lot of time with this process.

2) The sessions have helped us greatly with the new lifestyle calling of having no fixed income which has been God’s call. Of course, the example of Ian’s own life, the coaching and guidance, and the encouragement has been of incredible value. Four years later, it has been clear by the fruit that it's been God’s call and we live in a faith and richly sustainable environment ordered by the Lord.

3) The coaching relating to the change of ministry style needed has been of incredible value. From a lone pioneer style to the multiplication of leaders needed to run an organisation which is growing quickly. Ian is coaching, advising, pushing, driving myself to this end which is very needed. He seems to know when I’m not understanding the principle, but doesn’t let it go until I do. That is precious!

4) We have been helped to navigate local, regional and national issues with wisdom and experience that has been invaluable. The damage limitation in these matters has been seen by all involved.

5) The mentoring has guided us with the formation of our team, board, direction and vision at Transformation. Particularly with the forming of culture, protocols and expectations. This has helped the organisation grow quickly with a strength for future growth.

6) The teaching on Kingdom principles has helped us to realise/put a vocabulary on, a sense our whole team had, that something was wrong with the way we do church. Ian has sent us videos, books, youtube teaching etc which has really challenged our thinking in a great way. Ian is still bowling balls at us on this subject but we are much further down the road of that understanding and the communication of it to the churches we work with, than if we worked without him.

7) On a personal note, Ian and Judith’s influence and friendship has been a major part of our lives ever since I was a teenager and throughout the whole of our married life. We are so grateful to the Lord for this couple and their willingness to pour themselves into us."

Wayne & Gwenda Simmonds

Transformation Bible School.


If mentoring sounds like something which would benefit you, please get in touch.

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