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Ekklesia Everywhere

Today is a time like no other to move forward with a purpose!  We are partnering with Ed Silvoso, and other international leaders such as Bishop Bill Hamon, Cindy Jacobs, Rick Joyner, James Goll, Bill Johnson, Che Ahn, and Wesley and Stacy Campbell, to raise up 1 Million Ekklesias to change the spiritual climate over the nations. I encourage you to read and reply to this call to action from Ed Silvoso.

An Ekklesia, the Greek word translated “church” in our Bible, consists of two or more people—a family or household—gathered around the Manifest Presence of Jesus to pray prayers the Father is waiting to answer for His will to be done in their spheres of influence. This is THE key to changing the spiritual climate of our nations. Never in our lifetimes has the socio-political climate been so toxic. BUT the Church, the Ekklesia, is the only institution with a branch in every neighbourhood that, once activated, could have a transformation agent on every block.

What Does an Ekklesia Do?

An Ekklesia practices a lifestyle of “Prayer Evangelism” found in Luke 10 to change the spiritual climate. This lifestyle can be described in 4 actions from Scripture: bless, fellowship, minister, proclaim.

To become part of “EKKLESIA EVERYWHERE”:

  1. Go to Facebook EKKLESIA EVERYWHERE ( or the website

  2. Watch the Introductory Video.

  3. Click on “JOIN” to become part of this movement.

  4. Visit the page regularly for encouragement and updates.

  5. Watch this 11 minute video that highlights the power entrusted to us as His Ekklesia.

Take a moment right now to go to “EKKLESIA EVERYWHERE”. Let’s jumpstart this massive movement. The situation is critical. Time is of the essence. But Jesus’ Ekklesia was designed for such a time as this!

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