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15 Years in the Making

You may have seen Kingdomize Global information pop up all over my social media in recent weeks and if you haven’t been following me for many years, you may be wondering what it is and how I’m involved.

So here’s the story behind Kingdomize, an idea 15 years in the making.

o here’s the story behind Kingdomize, an idea 15 years in the making.

Over the last 15 years I’ve been exploring what it means to be a Kingdomize person. What does a Kingdomize person look like, what does a Kingdomized business look like, what does a Kingdomize church look like? Whilst on this path I’ve encountered some like minded individuals and we started collaborating.

In 2017, I felt motivated to develop a curriculum that would provide a comprehensive road map giving access to the tools needed to bring about transformation within communities and areas of influence. Not just being a Christian, but Kingdomizing every area of our lives. As the curriculum developed the project took an unexpected turn. We were asked to submit a bid for funding to mentor 12 companies to become Kingdom Companies. We believed this to be an excellent opportunity to put the curriculum into practice and decided to make the bid.

To create this we set up a corporation in Canada and started building a global team of prospective consultants and trainers. So, this is how Kingdomize Global came to be - an outworking of the curriculum, which forms the bedrock of the corporation. The team is composed of Brian Beattie and Bruce Mann from Ontario, Bruce Freison from British Columbia, Drew Brown from Texas and David Koerts from the Netherlands and myself. Between us we have a diverse skill set and decades of experience of bringing heaven down to earth with businesses, governments, churches & charities.

Despite the bid still pending, Kingdomize Global is moving forward as a business and is already working with its first clients, (one is actually an alligator farm!), eager to move from a Christian Business to a Kingdomized Business. They have started the process of creating a Kingdom culture that will have a Kingdom impact upon their society and will leave a Kingdom legacy.

Now, as the President of Kingdomize Global I look back at many years of faithful research, planning, discussion and prayer meetings across continents. Mainly on zoom and sometimes in person and it’s amazing to see the path the Lord has taken us down and how he’s added what we needed at each step.

If you're interested in finding out more, please check out our socials below.

Or visit our website:

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